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Rage Trade is building the most liquid ETH Perp and the best USDC farm on Arbitrum


Our Products and Features

Delta Neutral Vaults

We turn GLP into Arbitrum’s best stablecoin farm
Earn delta neutral yield on GMX for both risk on/off users

ETH Perp

Dollar Margined Trading with
up to 5x leverage
LP with Yield Generating Positions
(Curve, GMX, Rari and more)
dn vaults

Stablecoin Farm

  • Highest yielding stable farm for risk on/off users
  • Neutralise ETH BTC exposure in GLP and earn real yield
  • Leverage up on DN yield using your vault shares
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Recycled Liquidity

  • Reuse liquidity from other protocols into Rage
  • Double your yield on your existing LP Positions
  • Recycle LPs from AMMs, Money Markets, and Derivatives
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80-20 Vaults

  • 80% of TVL earn yield with isolated risk
  • 20% of TVL provides concentrated liquidity
  • UNI v2 Impermanent Loss with better yield
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Investors and Advisors

<Build on Us />

Rage’s protocol code is open sourced, allowing collaborators to integrate/compose and build financial products on the most liquid ETH Perp using our SDK.

Build delta neutral stablecoins & various structured products, delta hedge your option positions, or use our bots to earn fees and be a keeper in the system.

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